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We offer a wide range of sheets. P. W. Zielonka wholesaler provides brass, aluminum and bronze plates. It is hard to imagine the operation of many industries without sheet metal products. They are used in construction, electronics, automotive, engineering, aviation and many, many others. The proposed metallurgical ones can be processed to obtain selected parameters or surfaces. An extensive machine park and many years of experience will allow us to adjust products to individual needs.

Types and properties of plates

Due to the basic parameter – i.e. thickness – sheets are divided into thin and thick. Thin sheets are those whose thickness does not exceed three millimeters. Depending on the metal or alloy used, specific sheet metal products are suitable for specific applications. Plastic and very light aluminum sheets, resistant to corrosion, are perfect for covering roofs, walls and floors. They are perfect wherever low weight and resistance to moisture and changing weather conditions are key. Copper sheets are also resistant to rusting, mainly due to the fact that they acquire a patina. Another valuable property of copper is its resistance to thermal deformation. This is an important feature, especially where we are dealing with high temperature amplitudes. Copper sheet is also used to build roofing, but also in the production of haberdashery. brass sheet is also used in the production of aesthetically attractive details, haberdashery and objects of applied arts. Depending on the conditions in which sheets of various metals are produced, we can divide them into cold and hot rolled.

Hot and cold rolled sheets

Hot rolled sheets are used, among others, in in the construction and machine industry. They can be subjected to further processing, including rolling and recrystallization, which increases the plasticity of the material and removes surface distortions. Cold rolled sheets are durable. They are easy to work with and plastic. Due to their properties, they are used in in automotive and construction. In order to obtain a smooth surface or individual adjustment of parameters, it can be subjected to further processing.


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