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One of the most popular, widely used metallurgical products are aluminum sections. They are used in construction, engineering and automotive industries. They are used to stabilize large structures such as partition walls and ceilings. It is thanks to them that durable architectural structures are created, but also scaffoldings and railings. Structural frames for agricultural machines, railway wagons and solutions for the mining industry are also produced with the use of sections. It is difficult to overestimate their role in high-storage systems, shipbuilding and construction of high-voltage transmission lines, e.g. due to their high resistance to adverse external factors. Aluminum sections are the basic building material of various types of frames.

Types of sections

We offer several types of shapes. Due to the characteristic shape of the profiles, their different types are named after the shapes of the letters they are similar to. Thus, we distinguish T-shaped sections, geometrically shaped “C” sections, Z-sections and I-sections. The most popular section, similar in cross-section to the letter “L”, is simply called an angle sectionand is used in the furniture, construction and finishing industries to set the corners of partition walls and other structures.
In addition to those listed, the following also applies:

  • pipes,
  • closed profiles,
  • special purpose profiles.

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer aluminum flat bars.

Closed aluminum profile

A closed aluminum profile is most often used outside buildings. Fences, gates, trusses are made of it, and it is also used to build load-bearing structures. In interiors, it is used to create frame constructions filled with other material, e.g. window frames, as well as bathroom decorations, furniture shelves, roller blinds and shower cabins. Due to the ease of machining, closed profiles can be bent and cut into any shape. Among them, we can distinguish profiles subjected to anodizing, i.e. creating an oxide layer on their surface, thanks to which aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion. Profiles prepared in this way are used in the furniture, food and automotive industries.

Properties of sections

The basic features of profiles are: versatile use, a wide range of types and models, and above all – high strength, rigidity and lightness. Thanks to their durability, they can support even very large structures. The C-shaped channels available in our offer are made by pressing the raw material through a die using a press. Formable I-beams consist of two flanges and a center, T-beams are used primarily as a structural element for machines, and angles consisting of two legs with a right angle between them are used in the construction industry. The offer includes sections resembling the letter Z, called z-sections, used as wall bolts and roof purlins.

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