We do our best to ensure that the assortment we offer best meets your needs. We have products that are used in various industries, in the implementation of various types of projects. We offer not only aluminum profiles, sheets or strips, but also non-ferrous metal pipes. It is a component used in numerous industries. It serves machine builders, plant designers, but also builders. By choosing the goods we offer, you will receive pipes that meet all standards and technical requirements.

Use of pipes

Depending on the materials used for production, pipes work well in many industries. Their design qualities are used in construction and industry. They are used for the construction of sanitary and heating installations. They are also used in the automotive, shipbuilding and electrotechnical industries. It is also worth paying attention to the aesthetic qualities of the products we offer. Often, pipes made of non-ferrous metals are used to effectively finish residential and commercial interiors. They can be used to construct original balustrades, be used in bathroom fittings or used in the production of lamps – as well as external lighting columns or interior lighting. Lightweight, mainly aluminum tubes are also widely used in the aviation industry. Scaffolding and ladders are also made of them.

Non-ferrous metal pipes

Among non-ferrous metal pipes, there are products made of copper and its alloys, brass and aluminum. We offer electrolytic copper pipes with high thermal and electrical conductivity (M1E) as well as high phosphorus copper pipes (M2R). Brass pipes are available in thin-walled and thick-walled options. They are used, among others, in the production of machine parts, but also sanitary fittings. Aluminum models are universal. Due to their lightness, resistance to corrosion, as well as thermal and electrical conductivity, aluminum pipes are used as elements of various types of structures.

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