We offer non-ferrous metal tapes. We sell brass tapes of various types of alloy and copper. We make sure that the goods supplied to you come from the best manufacturers, and only the highest quality raw materials are used for its production. We know that only thanks to this we will be able to respond to the diverse needs and specialized expectations of our clients.

Properties of metal strips

The goods we offer are characterized by excellent technical parameters and unquestionable aesthetic values. This is why it is used on a large scale in various and numerous industries. Metal tapes have many advantages – they are highly resistant to moisture and harsh weather conditions, they are not susceptible to the action of numerous chemicals. Importantly – they are characterized by high durability during intensive use, excellent heat conduction, are easy to shape, and also reflect sunlight. It is also worth adding that they are non-flammable.

Use of tapes

Steel strips are manufactured from thin sheet metal that is rolled to form narrow, elongated sheets. These products are used in many industries as elements of precise mechanisms and devices. The brass bands we sell go to entrepreneurs operating in the furniture, electronics and automotive industries, where they are used for the production of clutches, washers, bearings and furniture hinges. Depending on the alloy, the tapes differ in terms of strength, plasticity and corrosion resistance.

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