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Profiles for photovoltaics

Aluminum profiles for the installation of photovoltaic panels


We offer mounting elements for photovoltaic panels, such as rails, raw and painted middle clamps and rail connectors in a wide selection of variants and colors. The profiles we offer for mounting photovoltaic panels come from reputable manufacturers, such as Tombig. They are made with the utmost care, from high-quality aluminum, thanks to which the correct assembly of the panels on the structure is quick and trouble-free. We sell rails with dimensions of 40x40x1.2 or 40x40x1.5.

Choose proven profiles for photovoltaic installations

The aluminum profiles for photovoltaic installations offered by our company are very durable and provide very good ventilation from the rear side of the modules. Thanks to them, it is possible to install almost all types of photovoltaic modules. Mounting systems based on aluminum profiles are designed to reduce installation costs and at the same time ensure the highest possible durability. In addition to profiles, our offer includes accessories necessary for assembly, such as roof hooks, double-threaded and ordinary screws, as well as nuts.

If you are interested in a detailed offer of our aluminum profiles and other elements necessary for proper installation of a solar installation, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the best solution. We rely on many years of experience, thanks to which we can guarantee professional technical advice.

We invite you to contact us and cooperate!

Convenient assembly, durable construction

The mounting elements for solar panels are designed in a way that allows for efficient assembly. At the same time, the strong construction is a guarantee of durability. Rails and profiles are made of materials with increased strength parameters, thanks to which they are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions. This, in turn, translates into reliable use for many years without the material losing its properties. The elements for mounting photovoltaic panels we offer can be used on roofs of any structure, both flat and sloping.

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