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We sell copper flat bars. We offer extruded and drawn flat bars. Copper flat bars are valuable products especially for the energy industry. They are also used in the production of industrial equipment. The flat bars we offer are made of high-quality materials, thanks to which they maintain their original properties for a long time and do not deform. We sell, among others flat bars made of electrolytic copper, distinguished by an exceptionally smooth surface

The advantages of copper

Copper is a semi-precious metal with many advantages, including characterized by excellent energy and thermal conductivity. Copper is extremely easy to machine due to its malleability and ductility. Copper has antibacterial properties. It is very resistant to water and corrosion, because in contact with oxygen, it covers itself with an oxide layer. Copper has antibacterial properties. Copper is called the red metal because of its original, slightly red color. It can be recycled many times without the risk of losing its properties. All this makes it one of the most frequently used metals in various industries.

Use of copper flat bars

Copper is used e.g. in the energy industry, the electronics industry, construction and architecture. It is used for the production of components of telecommunications devices and household appliances. Copper flat bars can be found in refrigeration equipment and water supply systems. They are used as protection in radiators and heat exchangers, and they are also used to make platform trusses and spans of various types of structures. If you need high-quality copper flat bars, please contact us.

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