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Aluminum flat bars are metal bars with a rectangular cross-section. Thanks to their properties and the possibility of producing flat bars of various lengths and thicknesses, they are used in many industries and are a universal product. They are also twice as light as flat bars made of metal. In addition, aluminum covers itself with aluminum oxide, which is why it is very resistant to corrosion. It is characterized by high thermal and electrical conductivity. Thanks to the ease of forming they have, you can drill, cut and machine them yourself.

Sale of aluminum flat bars

We sell aluminum flat bars in various sizes. We also manufacture products at the customer’s special request. We sell flat bars made of various types of aluminum, e.g. AW7075 and AW6082, which are distinguished by their exceptional strength, the highly ductile AW5251 and others: AW1050, AW5083 and AW5754. Flat bars produced by drawing are the most popular among our customers. They can also be produced using the roller method. In this way flat bars are often used in gardening. The products we offer are made of high-quality, durable aluminum. We also sell copper flat bars and brass flat bars.

Use of flat aluminum profiles

Flat aluminum profiles are widely used in construction and interior decoration. Flat aluminum profiles are often used to build a curtain rod. They are aesthetic and cover the connection between the curtain and the rail. Despite a large contact with UV rays, they maintain an attractive appearance for a long time. Flat bars are also useful for ad hoc repairs in the house and garden.

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