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Bronze flat bars are rectangular metal bars. Various metals are used in their manufacture. The following products are produced: aluminum, copper and brass flat bars and bars made of other raw materials. Depending on the way in which the final product is obtained, flat bars can be divided into: drawn, rolled and cut. The selected technology determines many parameters of the finished product, and so, for example, drawn bars are characterized by greater strength. One of the most popular production techniques is cold rolling. Under the influence of high forces, but without increasing the temperature, the crystal structure of the raw material changes. Flat bars are used on a large scale in construction, machine construction, power engineering and hydraulics. They are used to build platform trusses and durable, high-resistance spans of specialized structures. Rectangular bars are often indispensable when creating railings, rails and railings. Brass flat bars, which are particularly resistant to rusting, are used on a larger scale in shipbuilding. We encourage you to contact us to place an order for bronze flat bars.

Bronze and other metal flat bars

We offer bronze and other metal flat bars. If you want to get a product that will fully fulfill its functions and serve reliably for a long time, it is necessary to choose high-quality flat bars from proven manufacturers. When characterizing flat bars, it is worth paying attention to such parameters as thermal conditions, resistance to corrosion and abrasion, and to high temperatures. It depends mainly on the raw material from which the product was made, as well as the technique in which it was made. We offer bronze flat bars and other metals. The products offered by our company do not deform and retain their original properties for a long time. We invite you to read the description of individual non-ferrous metals and their properties. In addition to flat bars, we also offer sections in many different shapes and aluminum closed profiles. We guarantee excellent quality!

Product creation process and its properties

Drawn flat bars are made in the process of elongation of the material in metallurgical machines with the function of surface hardening. We offer drawn flat bars characterized by increased material strength, excellent dimensional accuracy along the entire length, as well as increased plasticity and lack of internal stresses.

Rolled flat bars are passed through a set of rolls, which consequently leads not only to a change in the shape of the starting material, but also its properties. The cold rolling process makes the flat bars smooth, uniform and more flexible.

Shearing of flat bars is a process that uses circular shears to obtain wide strips of the desired size. Appropriate processing makes flat bars have even and smooth edges without sharp and irregular edges.

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