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Copper CW118C

Tellurium copper CW118C

CW118C tellurium copper (ISO: CuTep) is a copper alloy that is excellent for machining. Thanks to the tellurides present in the alloy, the machining is similar to the machining of lead brass. When machining by turning, a short, brittle pattern can be obtained. Copper alloys with tellurium provide very good electrical and thermal conductivity. Unlike, for example, lead brasses, no dezincification occurs in copper tellurium alloys. Tellurium copper is used in the production of elements such as connectors, nozzles for welding apparatus and parts with good sliding properties and high thermal conductivity. The most common form of tellurium copper are copper bars square, round or hexagonal. The chemical composition of tellurium copper includes such elements as: aluminum – ≤0.02%, phosphorus – 0.003-0.012%, tellurium 0.4-0.7% and others – ≤0.1%.

Physical properties of tellurium copper CW118C

The physical properties of tellurium copper are as follows:

  • Density at 20⁰C (g/cm3): 8.9,
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion at 20°C: 1.8E-5 1/K,
  • Thermal conductivity at 20⁰C: 356 W/(m K),
  • Electrical conductivity at 20⁰C: 5.10E + 7 S/m,
  • Modulus of elasticity at 20⁰C: 120 GPa,
  • Elongation A5 at 20⁰C: 4%,
  • HB hardness: 120,
  • Tensile strength 300Mpa,
  • Yield strength Rp0.2w 20⁰ C: 250 MPa

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