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Copper CW108C

Nickel Phosphor Copper CW108C

Nickel Phosphor Copper CW108C (ISO: CuNi1P) has excellent mechanical properties and high fatigue strength, making it a good material for cold forming. The alloy contains, apart from copper, also 0.80-1.20% nickel and 0.15-0.25% phosphorus, which ensure very good ductility with high thermal and electrical conductivity. CW108C nickel-phosphorus copper alloys are used in the production of electrodes and electrode holders, as well as spot and line welders.

Nickel Phosphor Copper CW108C

Nickel Phosphor Copper CW108C has the following physical properties:

  • Density at 20⁰C (g/cm3): 8.9,
  • Melting point: 1038-1082°C,
  • Elongation A: 25%,
  • HB hardness: 65-95,
  • Tensile strength Rm: 250MPa
  • Yield strength Rp0.2: 140 MPa

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