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Copper CW106C

Chromium-zirconium copper CW106C

Chromium-zirconium copper CW106C (ISO: CuCr1Zr) is a copper alloy used for control components, electrical wiring, switch contacts and other components requiring greater strength than standard copper. The chromium-zirconium alloy, due to the presence of these two elements, has excellent electrical conductivity and better mechanical properties than standard copper grades. It also provides good thermal conductivity, thanks to which the elements made of it can work at high temperatures. In the chemical composition of the CW106C alloy, apart from copper, there are elements such as chromium – 0.50-1.20%, iron – approx. 0.08%, silicon – approx. 0.10%, zirconium – 0.03-0.30 %.

Typical properties of CW106C chromium zirconium copper

Typical physical properties of chromium zirconium CW106C are:

  • Density at 20⁰ C (g/cm3): 8.83
  • Melting point: 1075⁰C
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: (20°C to 300°C): 18.0 10-6/K
  • Modulus of elasticity: 120 kN/mm2
  • Thermal conductivity at 20 ⁰C: 330 W/(m∙K)
  • Soft point: 475⁰C
  • Electrical conductivity: 76-80%
  • HB 2.5/62.5 hardness: 135-185
  • Tensile strength Rm: 420-540MPa
  • Elongation A: 10-18%

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