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AluminiumAluminum, widely distributed in nature, does not exist in the free state. For this reason, in industry, construction and the broadly understood economy, it has been used on a massive scale only for a little over a hundred years. Even at the beginning of the 19th century, it was considered an extremely rare metal. There are even stories about the Emperor of the French – Napoleon Bonaparte, who, when entertaining the most distinguished guests, reached for aluminum tableware, and not – as the common association would suggest – made of gold. The electrolytic refining method became a breakthrough for the production of aluminum on a large scale. It is also worth adding that the main source of aluminum is bauxite. Since the methods of obtaining aluminum have been industrialized, this metal accompanies us at almost every step, being the building material of a countless range of equipment, objects and devices. In the assortment of our non-ferrous metal warehouses near Bydgoszcz and in Toruń, we have many types of aluminum, and the aluminum products we offer comply with the PN-EN standard.

Properties and use of aluminum

alumina owes its popularity to its beneficial properties, which are used in many different industries. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. For this reason, it is used in construction, where aluminum tapes are used, but also in the production of electronic equipment. For example, some computer components are aluminum – motherboards, sound and graphics cards and chips. Aluminum also acts as a conductor in conductive layers of integrated circuits.

Aluminium alloys are increasingly used to make entire housings – or only their fragments – of mobile devices: telephones, tablets, netbooks. The aluminum housing not only looks elegant, but also, in the event of a fall, protects electronic equipment better than plastic. However, aluminum housings for washing machines or refrigerators are still the most popular.

Low weight and high durability of aluminum make this raw material commonly used to create light, high-strength structures – the “skeletons” of laptops, smartphones, numerous household appliances. The properties of aluminum are also appreciated by the automotive industry. From corrosion-resistant, aesthetic metal, wheel spacers, bushings, gears and various types of nuts are made.

Aluminum is also used in the production of outdoor equipment. Tents with aluminum frames rule the campsites, and when it comes to bivouacs, a practical set of aluminum dishes and a thermos must not be missing in a tourist backpack. Drink bottles made of aluminum, which are durable and easy to clean, also do not lose their popularity. On the other hand, aluminum poles are useful not only to Nordic walking enthusiasts, but also to adepts of mountain hiking – especially beginners, as they are invaluable help in overcoming inclines. In addition, aluminum is used to make bicycle frames, scooters, tennis rackets, oars, golf clubs, accessories for mountaineers and anglers, and a lot of other sports equipment. In our non-ferrous metal warehouses near Bydgoszcz and in Toruń, we have a wide range of aluminum products. We offer the highest quality aluminum products that are appreciated by customers representing various industries. We encourage you to establish cooperation with us!

Aluminum characteristics

PN/EN grade

PA2/AW5251 Not secretion curable; very susceptible to cold and hot forming; very resistant to corrosion; very good polishing and suitable for the production of oxide coatings; weldable.

PA11/AW5754 Not hardened by precipitation; susceptible to hot and cold plastic processing; suitable for the production of anodized oxide coatings; very high resistance to corrosion – especially to sea water; very good polishing; with high fatigue strength; weldable.

PA13/AW5083 Not release curable; susceptible to cold and hot forming; very resistant to corrosion in marine conditions; weldable; suitable for polishing and anodic production of protective oxide coatings; the addition of chromium eliminates the risk of coarse grain formation and the tendency to cracks in the vicinity of the weld.

PA38/AW6060 Strength properties can be improved by natural and artificial precipitation hardening; very susceptible to hot and cold forming; very resistant to corrosion; very good polishing; easy to weld and weld; resistant to corrosion in the weld; suitable for the production of anodic protective and decorative coatings (the addition of manganese changes the shade during anodic oxidation).

PA6/AW2017 Cures by natural precipitation hardening; high plastic resistance during hot and cold plastic processing; in the softened state, low corrosion resistance; medium corrosion resistance in the precipitation-hardened state; therefore protected against corrosion by plating with pure aluminum (in the case of sheets) and other methods (other products) very susceptible to cold and hot forming; in the naturally precipitation-hardened state, higher corrosion resistance than in the artificially precipitation-hardened state, but in the latter case, higher strength properties; in the softened state, low corrosion resistance; very good polishing; easy to weld; suitable for anodizing.

Others In addition to the grades described, there are also: PA43; PA20; PA1; PA45; PA10; PA7; PA21; PA23; PA24; PA25; PA29; PA30; PA31; PA33; PA9; PA47.

Sheets The most common are: A1, Pa2, Pa11, Pa13, Pa4, Pa6, Pa7, depending on the thickness and in various hardening conditions

Aluminium bars The most popular grades: Pa6, Pa4, Pa38, and you can meet the grades: Pa9 and Pa20

sections Typical grade: Pa38

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