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Cutting with a band saw

We supply non-ferrous metal products, but we also try to meet your other needs. We have a fully automatic band saw. We offer a professional service consisting of cutting with a band saw, often necessary in your activities. Serial cutting of non-ferrous metals is an offer addressed to companies that, as a result of a tight schedule of work, cannot keep up with the preparation of material for further processing. This applies to both large companies specializing in other fields, as well as smaller companies, for which an investment in such equipment would be too big an expense. Our offer is also addressed to individual customers who can use precise cutting equipment. It is also worth remembering that the operation of the saw requires specialist knowledge. The device must be run-in first, which significantly increases its service life. Coolant and lubricants as well as swarf brushes must be properly selected, and the belt should be properly tensioned. Band saw is a specialist work tool that needs to be handled with extreme caution. It is necessary to use protective goggles and gloves as well as appropriate footwear. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the services we provide using specialized equipment.

The maximum sizes of our details are:

  • Round bars – up to 300mm
  • Flat bars – up to 300x380mm
  • Square bars – up to 300x300mm

We cordially encourage you to contact us to learn the details of the offer and to make a free quote. Each order is priced individually, after a thorough analysis and arrangements made with our qualified staff.

Our bandsaw cutting services include:

  • cutting non-ferrous metals,
  • cutting of non-ferrous metals,
  • cut aluminum,
  • cutting bronze,
  • copper cutting,
  • bar cutting,
  • cutting flat bars,
  • pipe cutting,
  • cutting aluminum profiles,
  • cutting angles,
  • cutting closed profiles,
  • cutting to size of bars,
  • serial cut,
  • precise cut,
  • roller cutting,
  • sleeve cutting,
  • cutting with a band saw,
  • section cutting,
  • performing the cutting service,
  • cut to size.
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