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Copper tapes

Among the products available in our offer, copper tapes are used for specialized and quite wide applications. They are mainly used in the electrical, electronic and electrotechnical industries. They are used in these industries to create installations and shield devices, because copper has the properties of an electromagnetic field insulator. In this way, copper tapes help to eliminate interference, which increases the efficiency of devices. Another industry where copper tapes are successfully used is, of course, construction. The tapes are mainly used in roofing works, which are 0.57 mm thick and 680 mm or 1000 mm wide – it is possible to purchase a specific length in meters.

Advantages of copper tapes

Great influence on the use of copper tape in roofing is its versatility. It is perfect for both historic buildings and modern buildings. Appropriate use of copper can add a unique character to a given building. Especially that over the years, this material, instead of losing its visual qualities, gains a new interesting look. This is because under the influence of atmospheric conditions and moisture, a chemical reaction with the metal takes place, resulting in a coating called patina. The copper surface begins to corrode, releasing various chemicals. Mainly due to alkaline copper carbonate and chloride as well as copper sulphate, called brochantite, the processes progressing very quickly at first begin to slow down. In this way, the metal is covered with a protective layer that prevents its further degradation. The color of the surface changes. From warm – reddish, it gradually turns into blue, and finally – greenish. Patina is also called patina and verdigris. Although it is usually a side effect of atmospheric factors, it can also be caused intentionally. To make the copper surface tarnished, use acetic acid. As you can see, patina performs several important functions. It gives the surfaces the value of noble age, but above all protects the metal against further deterioration. You can even say that the patina is so effective that it has entered pop culture. There is no one who would not know the New York Statue of Liberty with its characteristic, greenish color. As a result of tarnishing, the material gains exceptional longevity. The durability of copper is estimated at over 200 years. What’s more, this material requires no maintenance at all. It should also be emphasized that copper remains very easy to work with. It can also be soldered and glued without major problems.

 For what roof flashings are copper tapes used?

It is the above-mentioned advantages that make copper tapes a material ideal for performing various types of roofing treatments.

They are used to prepare, among others

  • gutters,
  • wind girders,
  • gutter strips,
  • gutter flashings,
  • attic protection,
  • chimney caps.
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