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Copper bars

Industries related to electricity – power, electronics, telecommunications and electricity itself – often use copper rods. If you operate in any of these fields, we recommend our high-quality range. Copper is an excellent insulator of the electromagnetic field, which naturally predestines it as a raw material for the production of shielding elements. The high popularity of copper – especially in construction – is determined by its resistance to rusting. As we know, copper is subject to tarnishing, which significantly slows down the corrosion processes, giving the material vitality. It should also be borne in mind that copper bars will be perfect wherever high resistance to expansion due to heat is important. Contrary to aluminum bars, those made of copper do not expand so much under the influence of higher temperature. Copper is the best conductor of electricity among base metals, which is why it is used in various types of installations, e.g. heating, telecommunications and water. Copper rods are often used in machining.

Use of copper rods

The already mentioned properties, especially those related to electric current, make copper rods perfect as a raw material for the production of electric wires. Other components – such as contacts, connectors, resistors and semiconductors – are also produced using this valuable raw material. Copper also has a very high resistance to creep, in other words, to deformation due to contraction and expansion. This happens under the influence of the changing load on the cables, which in turn may lead to loosening of the connectors and dangerous sparking at the contacts. Installations built with the use of copper are therefore so much cheaper to maintain that they do not need inspections and maintenance in this respect. Copper is also used in the production of transformer and microprocessor housings. Copper wires, i.e. rods with a very small diameter, are very popular in many industries. In the offer of our warehouse you can also buy other products made of this metal, e.g. copper flat bars.

Types of copper used in the production of rods

The offer includes a large selection of copper rods that differ in strength parameters, workability and properties. Rods are made of many types of copper, including M1R, M2R or M3R weldable. Type MN25, as well as MNZ101, MNM301 and MNZM3022 are characterized by particular resistance to corrosion. We also offer types of copper intended for enamelling, which exhibit good thermal conductivity, excellent ductility and resistivity. Some copper rods also show very good chemical properties. For this reason, they are used in the production of power tools and motor windings. We invite all persons interested in the offer of our warehouse to contact us.

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