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Brass sheets

Brass plates have many features that make them easier to process. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc known since ancient times. The zinc content oscillates between 10 and 45%, and other metals are added to give the final product the desired properties. The big advantage of the alloy is its melting point. Brass only melts at 1000 degrees. It is also an easy-to-work material.

Use of brass sheets

The use of brass sheets is very wide. Brass is often used by companies in the automotive, electrical and electronic industries. It is also widely used in construction. The popularity of the alloy is determined by the long list of its useful properties. An indisputable advantage of brass is the already mentioned ease of processing. It is easy to cold work and solder, and when enriched with lead, it is equally easy to machine. The alloy has high ductility, making it easy to shape and form. Resistance to high temperatures, changing weather conditions, moisture and even salt water make it a material that is particularly sought after in the specialist industry. Brass sheets – smooth and corrugated – are perfect for construction, but also in the shipbuilding and armaments industries. Brass is often used in roofing and plumbing works – it is successfully used for roofing and pipes. Aesthetic qualities and an attractive price also influence the popularity of the alloy in other manufacturing branches. Metal works great in the jewelry and decorating industry. It is also worth adding that brass is used to produce cartridge shells and the known low denomination coins – one-, two- and five-penny coins.

Types of brass sheets

Depending on the components that have been added to the alloy of brass and zinc, the parameters of the steel product change. Sheets with increased plasticity and high abrasion resistance owe their properties to the addition of silicon. Lead alloys increase surface slip, which allows the use of sheets wherever it is necessary to avoid friction of elements. The addition of iron will strengthen the structure and strength parameters, while manganese will improve the anti-corrosion properties of the sheet. We provide our clients with assistance in the selection of metallurgical products for their intended use.

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