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Brass pipes

Among the pipes we offer, brass pipes are very popular. We supply both thick-walled and thin-walled ones. Brass pipes are used as an element of many structures and installations, and all thanks to their undeniable advantages, which include: resistance to damage, resistance to adverse weather conditions, plasticity. The proposed products are available in three states of hardening.

Properties and use

The resistance to mechanical damage allows brass pipes to be used in the automotive industry. They work great in heating and cooling systems. The resistance of brass to difficult weather conditions – high humidity and variable temperature – allows it to be used in external finishing works. It is also a raw material valued for its plasticity. Thanks to this, it is successfully suitable for the production of details of artistic value. Brass is also not susceptible to the destructive effects of salty sea water, thanks to which pipes made of it are used in the shipbuilding and shipbuilding industries. Brass pipes covered with decorative coatings are perfect for the production of bathroom fittings. An interesting area in which brass pipes are used is also the construction of musical instruments. Thanks to it, trumpets, trombones and horns are made.

Thin-walled and thick-walled pipes

Thin-walled pipes – products of the CW508L grade – are made in accordance with the EN12449 standard and are available in three hardening conditions: soft pipes (R300), semi-hard pipes (R370), hard pipes (R440 ). Due to the aesthetic finish, they are used in the production of accessories and interior finishing elements, such as lamps or balustrades. Thick-walled pipes (CW614N and CW617N) are also offered in three states of hardening. These include: close to semi-hard (H110), annealed (H090) and without specified mechanical properties (M). These products are used primarily in the automotive industry.

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