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Brass bars

We offer brass bars of various cross-sections. Products with a round, square, rectangular and cubic cross-section are produced. The rods also differ in diameter and the grade of brass from which they were made. In our warehouses you will surely find a product that best suits your current needs. We also help in choosing the right articles. Brass rods, thanks to their beautiful color, are used not only in various industries, but also in modeling and handicrafts, e.g. as elements of lamps and fixing carpets and rugs in museums and hotels. In addition to excellent brass bars, we can offer e.g. lightweight aluminum rods.

Properties of brass bars

Brass for bars has several important advantages. This alloy is ductile, and this property increases inversely with higher zinc content. Thanks to this, brass rods are suitable for forging impressive details and other products of high aesthetic value. It is worth noting that in the production of rods, brass enriched with lead is usually used, thanks to which it is easier to machine. Brass is also corrosion resistant and very ductile, which makes it easy to machine. It also have made a heat conductor. We also sell rods made of other metals, e.g. copper bars and aluminum.

Brass MO58

Our offer includes mainly bars made of brass MO58 and MO58A or otherwise known as CuZn39Pb3 (CW614N), CuZn40Pb2 (CW617N). Grade MO58A is called free-cutting alloy. These are brass products with the addition of lead (Pb). Thanks to their properties, MO58 and MO58A brass rods are suitable for the production of industrial and marine fittings, clamps and tubing. They also work well in plumbing – heating and water and sewage works.

The undoubted advantage of MO58 brass is good susceptibility to hot forming and forging. These properties allow you to easily obtain any, even very complex shapes. MO58 and MO58A grades are easy to machine. This property is due to the low susceptibility to the formation of deposits on the surface of the tools used for cutting. This affects not only comfortable work, but also excellent surface quality of the material being cut. Both grades are often used in the production of heating and sewage components, piping, as well as industrial clamps and industrial fittings. In addition to bars, they are also used to make sheets, strips and brass flat bars. All of these products can be purchased in our warehouse. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of our metal warehouse.

Brass grades for bar production

Other brass grades that are used for bar production include M63 (CuZn37 brass), which is easily cold worked. It can also be soldered. It shows high resistance to corrosion. Brass M95 has very good thermal and electrical conductivity, M70 is susceptible to soldering, and M119 is most often used for the production of fasteners and household appliances. Brass M90 is distinguished by its golden color and is most often used for interior decoration.

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