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Aluminum tapes

Aluminum tapes are successfully used wherever surfaces made of them are exposed to unfavorable weather conditions. We are talking mainly about moisture, but it is worth adding that the material is also resistant to temperature and UV radiation. We offer aluminium strips in sheets up to 1000 mm wide and of various thicknesses.

Application and properties

The advantages of tapes made of aluminum are their aesthetics and, perhaps most importantly, chemical non-reactivity. They are used in construction, machine industry and electronics. They are used in ventilation and air-conditioning ducts, in the construction of marine equipment, cold stores and precise elements of production and technological lines.

The tapes available in our offer are made of aluminum alloys and components, thanks to which they achieve excellent strength parameters. Low weight and resistance to corrosion allow the use of aluminum products in many industries, including the aerospace, space and automotive industries. An additional advantage of the material is thermal and electrical conductivity, which makes aluminum tapes also used in the heating industry.

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