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Aluminum sheets

Aluminum sheets are extremely popular and have only been used on a large scale for a little over a hundred years. Although today this metal is used almost everywhere, not so long ago it was considered rare and semi-precious, and its price exceeded that of gold. Only thanks to the electrolytic method of obtaining the production of aluminum sheets and other aluminum products has become cheaper, and thus common. Pure aluminum has a rather low strength, hence various alloys are used in industry. Aluminum alloys are used in the food, machine, transport, electrotechnical and energy industries. Therefore, aluminum food packaging – cans and foils – structural and finishing elements of vehicles, e.g. handrails in trams and buses, as well as pipelines and heat exchangers, are widely known. The wide use of aluminum is determined by its common occurrence in the composition of many minerals (in about two hundred and fifty). Aluminum is present, for example, in leucite, kaolinite, diasporite and corundum.

Advantages of aluminum sheet

Aluminum is characterized by many features that allow it to be considered one of the metals very useful in the metal industry. The indisputable advantage of aluminum sheet is the fact that it is made of 100% recyclable raw material. This means that aluminum can be processed many times without affecting its properties. The metal also has a distinctive, natural protective coating, making it corrosion resistant. That is why it can be used in places exposed to changing and difficult weather conditions. It is also resistant to possible damage. The most important advantage of aluminum, however, is its conductivity. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. What makes it currently the second metal in terms of application possibilities is also its flexibility and susceptibility to any processing. Perfectly suitable for forming into any desired shape, joining and surface treatment. In addition, it is a material that combines lightness and a high strength index, making it easy to assemble and transport. It is also worth knowing that sheets made of aluminum do not show any toxic properties.

PA11 aluminum

Our wholesale offer includes several of the most commonly used types of sheet metal, including one of the most popular ones, which are those made of aluminium PA11. We also sell other products such as aluminum sections and bars. We offer sheets of various degrees of hardness, such as H111 or H22/H24. Soft sheets are used in the food industry. On the other hand, the semi-hard and hard ones are used e.g. in the aviation, automotive and armaments industries. Particularly popular are PA11 grade sheets, otherwise AW5754. They are corrosion resistant, extremely durable and very affordable. They are used in the automotive, construction, marine and automotive industries as well as for the production of household appliances, insulation of ventilation ducts and pneumatic ducts. They have high fatigue life and are well weldable. Alloy 5754 is used to produce road markings and elements of means of transport. It is also used in the shipbuilding and nuclear industries. In our company, it is possible to order cut sheets – cut-to-size sheets with thicknesses from 6 mm to 150 mm.

PA4 aluminum

We also sell aluminum PA4, PA6 and PA9. The AW-6082 aluminum alloy has high corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. It is susceptible to various types of mechanical processing, e.g. milling and drilling. It can also be polished. It is used in the transport industry for the production of load-bearing elements of railway wagons, trailers, cars and bridges. It has very good thermal conductivity. PA6 is distinguished primarily by properties that allow it to be stretched and machined. It is used to make screws, bolts and aircraft parts. PA9 has high mechanical and fatigue strength. It is most often used for the production of machine elements that work under heavy loads.

Grilled aluminum sheet

Grilled aluminum sheet is gaining more and more supporters among interior designers and industrial design specialists. Grooves, i.e. convex patterns embossed to a height of 1.5 mm, consist of elements called spindles or grains of rice. Embossing gives the sheets anti-slip properties. For this reason, corrugated sheets have been and are used on a large scale, mainly in large industrial areas. They are used to make safe stair risers and to cover critical parts of floors in public transport vehicles (e.g. steps, retractable platforms for wheelchairs, transitions between articulated vehicle modules, etc.). Grilled patterns are practical, but they also give the sheet an interesting look. For this reason, the material is also used as wall cladding, and less often also for facades. Depending on the time of day and the changing sunlight, you can achieve interesting visual effects, improving the aesthetics of the space.

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