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We offer you aluminum profiles – in both our warehouses: near Bydgoszcz and in Toruńyou will find  a wide selection of them. Aluminum, in other words aluminum of technical purity, finds dozens of applications in the broadly understood economy. Aluminum profiles are used in construction, industry, but also in the advertising industry. They serve as frameworks for structures, ribs for lighting and assembly systems, and displays. Aluminum is appreciated for its high resistance to the destructive effects of weather conditions and mechanical damage. Aluminum copes well with sudden, fluctuating temperatures, high amplitudes and significant levels of humidity. Importantly, the already mentioned advantages are accompanied by lightness, which is not shown by other metals used in industry on this scale. Aluminum is solid and durable, while being lightweight. Thanks to this, the aluminum profiles offered by our warehouse are perfect for various constructions, enjoying the constant interest of a wide range of customers.

Types of aluminum profiles

We sell various types of aluminum profiles, like sections made of other materials, are widely used in many industries, including construction and advertising. In addition to their useful properties, aluminum profiles are considered indispensable also thanks to the wide range of types and shapes in which they occur. You can highlight:

  • profiles in the form of round, square or rectangular tubes
  • Z-profiles (ze bars)
  • T-profiles
  • C-shaped profiles
  • right angle profiles (rectifiers)

The assortment of our wholesalers of aluminum profiles and non-ferrous metals near Bydgoszcz and in Toruń also includes aluminum closed profiles. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full range of aluminum profiles we offer!

Profiles – use in advertising

Aluminum profiles have long been very popular in the advertising industry. This is due to the fact that thanks to them, you can quickly and relatively cheaply create a structure that will act as a tensioning system for textile or coated fabrics containing advertising content. Stability and high durability of these structures ensure very good display values. In the case of advertisements of a smaller format, which can be used both inside and outside buildings, one- and two-sided coffer profiles are perfect. Aesthetically made and properly illuminated, they will certainly attract the eyes of potential customers. In our non-ferrous metal warehouses near Bydgoszcz and in Toruń, you can buy the highest quality aluminum profiles for advertising structures.

 Use of aluminum profiles in construction

In the construction industry, aluminum profiles are used to create various types of structures used inside and outside buildings. They are carried out using partition walls, partitions or gates. They are also increasingly used in the case of joinery. Doors and windows made of aluminum are not only durable, but also look very elegant. Profiles made of this material are also used in large glazing – they are a structural frame most often filled with polycarbonate.

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with our other aluminum products, including aluminum flat bars. In our warehouses near Bydgoszcz and in Toruń you will find a wide range of aluminum products, including aluminum profiles. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer!

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